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Essex Central Federation


The origins of our Federation began within Essex over 100 years ago, created from informal congregations with various local clubs. After world war one the federation was officially born after gaining membership to the National Homing Union, or as we know it today the Royal Pigeon Racing Association. 

During the late 1920’s-1930’s the Federation grew from strength to strength. From the borders of Cambridge, Hertfordshire, and Suffolk, the Federation reached out to from the coast to the mainland covering a vast radius. Governed by the domestic rule book from the National Homing Union, this set president for the standards for all members to adhere to. 

In these early days, the Federation was split into sections. Various local clubs including Burham RPS, Chelmsford City FC Hadleigh, Laindon and Rayleigh District still exist today and still continue to consist of a large portion of the federation membership. The Cecil Jones Interclub Championship Shield was introduced in 1932 and won by the Southend RPS, This trophy still exists to date. 

During the 1930s the structure of the Federation was created with key roles, which still are as vital today. Positions such as the Secretary, Presidents, Emergency committee, treasurer and auditors are still crucial to the federation and all continue to use the headquarters at the Golden Fleece in Chelmsford. 

Rail was the main method of travel to transport the pigeons to each race point although the begining of world war one caused the sport to come to an unfortunate standstill. Many of our members from the Essex federation were enlisted, due to the fact they were experienced pigeon handlers and made a significant contribution to the war efforts. 

By the 1950’s the sport had started to regain strength and the organisations were experiencing a golden era, gaining an increasing number of new members and new interest. The Essex Centeral Federation being at the forefront of the region. 

The 1960’s saw a significant change within the transportation of our pigeons as British Rail ceased the use of rail for racing pigeons. A transport committee was formed and and a transport chairman was elected which is a vital role which still exists today. 

Within the next 10-15 years the committee managed to purchase 2 rigid transporters which although at times could be unreliable successfully allowed the transportation of the pigeons again throughout Essex and further a field. 

By the late 1970’s a fund was set up by the committee to raise funds to purchase a new state of the art transporter and by 1980-81 we had raised the impressive sum of £31000 allowing the federation to purchase a fantastic new imported transporter from Holland the first of its kind amongst Racing Pigeon Federations. 

Although within the recent years the interest within new members has reduce,the committee is in safe hands with an experienced members who will endeavour to secure the future of this great sport within our county. 

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